Now that I’m off Alka Seltzer – and I do feel 100 times better after taking some pretty strong and heavy doses of aspirin – life is getting back to normal.
And maybe even a little better.
I’m an Olympics fan!  My family is an Olympics bunch of people.  Kaleb shot in the Junior Olympics when he was a kid.  He met Apollo Ohno who was a terrific guy.  Kaleb stayed at the Olympic compound.
The Olympics are in our blood!
But even before the Crutcher experience with the Olympics, my Daddy was a huge Olympics fan so every four years we hunkered down to watch the winter and the summer Olympics.
The United States is doing pretty well in the medal count, though winter Olympics aren’t our strong point.  There are many more countries who have winter nine or ten months out of the year that do so much better in these sports than we do.
Olympics are just awesome.  I love the way the countries come together to compete.  There are so many feel-good stories that come out of the Olympics.  And not just from America, but from many countries.  It’s nothing for many of these athletes to gather together during the off months to socialize and surf or travel together.
I was reminiscing about former Olympic athletes from years gone by.  I remember French Olympic skier Jean-Claude Killy who just dominated the mountain ranges in the world competitions and in the Olympics during the mid to late 1960s.
Vasily Alekseyev was a Russian weighlifter and was unbeaten from 1970-1978.  I remember that every time he lifted, Daddy would say, “You’d better get it up there or they’ll send you to Siberia.”
    Back then we all believed that if the Russians or the East Germans lost, they (or their families) would be sent to the Russian wasteland.
    I found an article online where a Canadian cross-country skier said that sort of thing still happens to Russian losers.  I hope not, but I wouldn’t put it past Mr. Putin.  He’s KGB scary!
    Also helping make life good right now is that the Cara Cara oranges are out.  And while this isn’t the best year for citrus fruit – too many bad storms and freezes in California, Florida and Texas – this type of orange is so sweet and juicy.
The inside looks like a grapefruit in color, but doesn’t taste anything like those big ole fruit!
The Cara Cara doesn’t have any seeds either so that’s an added bonus.  If you get a chance, buy some of these oranges.  You’ll be glad that you did!
And the third reason that life is so good right now is Girl Scout cookies!  Oh, the sweet goodness of those cookies is hard to beat!  Can you imagine if those girls sold the cookies throughout the year and not just one time a year?  
Yes, life is pretty sweet right now!

Regina Crutcher is a reporter for the Lamesa Press-Reporter.