I was “lucky” to have an argument with a lady from Arizona about Lamesa, Texas, versus La Mesa, California, earlier this week.
Occasionally, we will get a phone call concerning our California namesake, but usually as soon as the Californians hear our accents, they quickly figure out they have reached the wrong state and the wrong town.
I once got a persistent call about a new winery opening in Lamesa and if we were going to cover the Open House event since we’d been publishing pictures of the construction of the winery in our paper.  
That lady didn’t catch on by my accent and insisted that Lamesa was getting a big, new winery.  I had to carefully explain to her that she was talking to Texas and not California.  
She hung up on me!
But anyway, this Arizona lady  couldn’t understand the difference between Lameeesa and La Mesa.  Even after I told her they were in different states, she still didn’t understand.
She was looking at the internet and could see perfectly well that La Mesa is in California and is pronounced in the Spanish dialect.  
I hung up on her!
And as strangely as our Lamesa is pronounced, Texas is full of strangely-named towns and cities.
Cut n Shoot is a town in Montgomery County near Conroe.  It was named after the Methodists and the Baptists had a feud with the Apostolics and the Mormons.  
    There was one common church for the one Methodist congregation and two Baptist congregations to share and they were determined that the other religions be excluded from using the community building.
    Well someone told the Apostolics they could use the building for a day-long revival. 
    The congregants of all denominations ended up arming themselves to the teeth and showing up at the little community church.
A scared little boy was heard to say, “I’m going to cut around the corner and shoot through the bushes in a minute!” While everyone laughed, it was remembered fondly enough that when it came time to name the incorporated town in 1912, Cut n Shoot was chosen.
By the way, several families traveled to Conroe the next day and filed charges against each other.  Some had to pay fines.  But the feud continued for about a year with lots of verbal fighting and threatening.

Regina Crutcher is a reporter for the Lamesa Press-Reporter.