Darryl and I made a visit to Las Vegas last week.  And we learned really quickly why the town is known as “Sin City.”
First off you can just drink alcohol right in public on the city sidewalks.  No one looks twice at a drunk at noon, or earlier, on the Strip of Vegas.  We were in Vegas from Sunday to Thursday and never once saw any cops on the sidewalks, or on bicycles or in cars.  We were told by a taxi driver, that every so many feet a satellite transponder is placed which “watches” the crowds and calls for a cop if anything illegal is taking place.  
WHAT?  Boy, that’s true protection.  And it hasn’t been that long since the Mandalay Bay shooting at that concert venue in Vegas.  Doesn’t seem like they’ve learned from past events.  History is doomed to repeat itself, I’m afraid.
Every two steps, someone tried to sell us marijuana or an hour of pleasure with this woman or that man, depending on our tastes.  Practically naked young ladies were flaunting their “wares” in less than a bikini for $10 a photo.  And it was cold and windy.  Vegas experienced it’s first freeze in nearly two years while we were there.  I pitied those young ladies more than anything.
At a famous country singer’s chain restaurant, the waitresses wore chaps with a tiny patch of material covering their front and back.  Now honestly, who wants to be served a meal by a woman with her butt cheeks hanging out, barely covering the female parts??!!  Made me lose my appetite – that and the chicken fried steak that barely contained any beef, all  breading, and a hard-as-a-rock corn on the cob! 
And please allow me to go on a tangent here...  Where are all those movie stars who started the #metoo movement about women being treated as less than equals?  About women having to degrade themselves to make a buck and be treated as sex objects?  I’ll bet that big-time country singer restaurant owner is supporting the women of music trying to be treated equally, while his waitresses are walking around with their butts showing in Vegas!  I find it hypocritical to support one group of women over another just because of the amount of money made, occupation or where they live.
Every casino we entered wanted to give us a free breakfast or lunch if we would just listen to their “spiel” about time shares or other vacation packages.  My trip was mostly spent walking off, saying “NO!” It honestly felt like we were being accosted by those people!  I found myself swallowing screams of frustration on Tuesday and Wednesday as we walked around.
Every dealer that spoke English was quick to complain about the Oakland Raiders moving to Vegas in 2020.  Nearly every one of them said they would seek employment in other nearby towns that offered gambling.  Those people said the amount of drama that will be caused by the football players, their families and fans is going to make the town even worse with spousal abuse, dog fighting, drug-related crimes, etc.  
If that was Vegas at it’s best, I can’t imagine the town getting worse.
I will tell you if you get a chance to see Elton John either at Vegas or during his upcoming farewell tour, go do it!  He is practically a concert pianist and after over five decades of performing, Sir Elton John is a heck of a showman!  If ole Darryl Crutcher can enjoy an Elton John show, just about anyone can!
I went to see the Cirque de Soleil The Beatles LOVE show by myself.  It was an explosion of psychedelic color, Beatles music and movement.  I don’t think a non-Beatles fan would like it, but hey, in my world, everyone on the planet is a Beatles fan!
So in conclusion, I’m NOT in any hurry to make another Vegas trip.  Four nights in Sin City is enough for me!

Regina Crutcher is a reporter for the Lamesa Press-Reporter.