Like many schools, Lamesa Independent School District administrators and teachers are very diligent when planning lesson plans and curriculum to improve state-mandated test scores and college readiness.
    They do that by focusing on the students who do not perform well in classrooms or who do not pass the STAAR and EOC (End of Course) tests.
    While keeping the current curriculum for those close to, or under, the acceptable grade, Lamesa Middle School plans to turn some of its attention to the “gifted” and/or “extremely bright” students who continually score well on tests but could use some advanced studies.
    LMS Principal Jesse Galdean and Region 17 representative Dr. Gene Sheets presented a LMS Turnaround Plan to the Lamesa ISD school board members at their meeting held this past Tuesday evening.
    “We have been studying this for a year with a dedicated committee. I’ve hired a new assistant principal of instruction, Jane Willems, who I’ve been pursuing for two years and we have some exciting improvements coming to LMS,”  said Galdean.