Maintenance of the water tower that services the Smith Unit was a topic of discussion at this past Monday’s meeting of the joint boards of Lamesa Economic Development Corporation and Lamesa Economic Alliance Project.
    Pointing out that a final payment of $16,423 has been made by LEDC for a long-term water tower maintenance agreement with the City of Lamesa, board members discussed but took no action in regard to possibly continuing to provide financial support for that agreement, if it is renewed.
    Scott Leonard, president of both boards, pointed out that the initial agreement was made before any of the current board members were appointed by the city, so they need to take time to discuss the agreement and decide if they want to enter into a new agreement.
    Sean Overeynder, executive director of LEDC and LEAP, said city officials currently are working to find out exactly what the costs would be in regard to a new agreement.
    LEDC has been paying for that portion of the city’s water tower maintenance agreement that covers the tower for the Smith Unit for an estimated 8-10 years. The maintenance of all other water towers in the city is paid for by the city.
    Bob Henderson, member of both boards, said if the city needs the financial help then he wants to help, but he added that he does not see why the LEDC and LEAP boards should have to take on the financial responsibilities of the city.
    “The dollars we’ve committed to this (maintenance) agreement are dollars that we don’t have to deal with other (economic development) projects,” Henderson said.


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