Felipe Valdez Jr., a resident of Lamesa, pulled a woman out of a flooded bar ditch last weekend, potentially saving her from drowning.
    As Valdez was headed out of Lubbock on Quaker Avenue, he noticed cars and people surrounding a flooded bar ditch. He pulled off to the side of the road and saw a car in the middle of the ditch, which was stuck in water around four feet deep.
    A bystander told Valdez the fire department was on its way, but no one had ventured into the water to help whoever was in the car.
    “So I took a deep breath and jumped into the water,” Valdez said.
    After Valdez swam to the car, he saw a woman in the vehicle, who Valdez said was in shock. He asked if she wanted him to help her out of the water, but she refused. However, after she received a phone call from her kids, she agreed to let Valdez help her out of the water.
    “I wasn’t scared. I just knew I had to help her,” Valdez said.
    Valdez carried the woman out of the car and through the water, leaving her safely on the shore. He then  jumped back into the water with tow straps to help pull the vehicle out of the ditch.
    “It was the right thing to do. I’m glad I was able to do it without any hesitation. I’m happy I was able to help someone when they needed it,” Valdez said.