With so much at stake concerning Medical Arts Hospital with the increasing of the property tax rate and the upcoming tax rollback election, Chief Executive Officer Letha Stokes recently granted a phone interview about the state of the hospital and the Dawson County Hospital District.
    “We will always have physicians in the clinic. We are actively recruiting mid-level professionals to help assist with providing greater access of care to our patients,” said Stokes.
    Back in July of this year, Stokes was given permission by the hospital board “to close, or negotiate or enter into contracts for the selling or management of Home Care and Home Care PAS (Personal Assistants) services of MAH.”
    “It was not sold or leased. We had planned it to be, but it didn’t turn out that way,” Stokes said. “We do have an agreement to transition and provide continuity of care to handle patients in a responsible way.”
    Each patient and their families were given their options and “took total control over who they chose for continued care. To my knowledge, all of the home health care patients all have been taken care of,” Stokes said.
    “Delivery of home health care will not stop. They are now being treated by other providers, larger agencies, than we ever were or could be.”
    When home health and hospice services closed at Medical Arts Hospital, those employees were given exit packages.
    “We released them from employment in the most professional way possible and allowed them to be hired by other agencies,” Stokes said.
    “It was hard. It was one of the most difficult decisions. We care about them and wish them all success.”
    Home health and PAS are dependent upon each other and one cannot survive without the other, according to Stokes.


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