Jacob Hernandez
Jacob Hernandez

    Jacob Hernandez is learning all the dirt roads and water wells in Dawson County thanks to his new job as general manager of the Mesa Underground Water Conservation District.
    “I think working at the abstract office really prepared me to find places on the maps. Jennifer (Smith) trained me well,” he said.
    Hernandez already has been out in the field locating wells during his first three weeks of employment.
    “Technology is my best friend out there,” he said. “It makes things so much easier to find. You can just download GPS coordinates and maps from your computer or iPad to your phone.
    “But sometimes I find that the computer isn’t exactly right. Sometimes those wells are hard to find.”
    Hernandez knows to take a hoe or shovel with him in case he needs to move dirt away from a meter or a well. He also knows he will need those tools to get rid of rattlesnakes that may be attracted to any water that might be near the well or sprinklers.
    “Right now I’ve only seen some hogs, but that will change I’m sure,” Hernandez said.
    Besides previously working at South Plains Abstract Co., Hernandez taught school at Lamesa ISD and worked in the probation office for eight years.


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