With sales taxes making up a significant portion of the city’s revenue, Lamesa leaders were concerned when major retailer Walmart closed its doors last October.
To the surprise of many, however, the sales tax revenue received by the City of Lamesa through the first seven months of 2017 actually is slightly higher than during the same period last year.
“We’re just tickled pink about that,” City Manager Shawna Burkhart said Thursday.
Following receipt of $118,241 this past week, the City of Lamesa has now received $860,080 in sales tax revenue so far this calendar year.
That is an increase of just under one percent from the $852,636 received during the first seven months of 2016.
The city’s July sales tax allocation from the state comptrollers’ office, however, is up almost 8.5 percent compared to July of last year.
Sales taxes collected by local merchants are sent to the comptroller’s office along with  revenue collected from the state sales tax.  The comptroller’s office then, on a monthly basis, rebates  the local portion back to the city, county or other entity for which it was collected.
The allocation received by the city this past week represents sales taxes collected in May by businesses that report taxes on a monthly basis.

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