Tony Hernandez
Tony Hernandez

    It was as close as it could get and when the final votes all had been reported, only one vote separated the local candidates in the Precinct No. 2 Dawson County Commissioner’s race.
    Former commissioner Tony Hernandez appears to have defeated current County Commissioner Joe Raines by one vote, according to the unofficial voting returns released by the County Clerk’s office on Tuesday night.
    Hernandez received 321 total votes to 320 for Raines.
    While Raines had led Hernandez with 233 votes to 169 in early voting, Hernandez beat Raines on Election Day by getting 152 votes (151 in Box 2 and one in Box 17) to 87 votes (65 in Box 2 and 22 in Box 17) for Raines.
    In a breakdown of the early voting numbers total, Raines received 198 votes in Box 2 and 35 votes in Box 17, while Hernandez got 168 votes in Box 2 and one vote in Box 17.
    Due to there being only one vote difference, county officials were anticipating on Tuesday night that there probably would be a recount of the election results.
    A recount of the election results would not be automatic, County Clerk Darla Sheppard told the Press-Reporter on Wednesday morning, since it would have to be requested by a petition from one of the candidates or their party representatives.
    Sheppard said that petition, if one is presented, cannot be accepted until after the official canvassing of the election returns by the Dawson County Commissioners Court.


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