A Lamesa man who was mowing a vacant lot near North 1st Street and Lynn Avenue was swarmed by bees about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday and reportedly stung hundreds of times.
    Jose Gonzales was treated in the emergency room of Medical Arts Hospital and probably was kept in the hospital overnight for observation, according to Lamesa Fire Chief Larry Duyck.
    “I went by the ER later (on Tuesday) to check on him and his eyes were swollen shut, but he’s going to be OK,” Duyck said on Wednesday morning.
    Duyck said the man had made a couple of rounds with a lawn mower and apparently the sound and vibrations from the mower had agitated a swarm of bees nearby, which then attacked Gonzales.
    Gonzales left the mower and tried to get into his pickup, Duyck said, but the bees followed and kept stinging him so he put a towel over his head and stood beside his pickup until emergency help could get to him.
    Duyck said Gonzales was surrounded by thousands of bees when Lamesa Fire Rescue personnel arrived at the scene.
    He said the door of the pickup was open and the bees were swarming inside the pickup, as well as around Gonzales.


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