Israel Ybanez
Israel Ybanez

    Israel Ybanez, founder of Los Ybanez located just southeast of Lamesa, died last Saturday in Lubbock.
    Ybanez and his wife, Mary, incorporated the small community of Los Ybanez in 1983 after purchasing the 83-acre site in 1980.
    The Ybanezes applied for and were granted an alcoholic beverage license about the same time they incorporated the community, making Los Ybanez the only “wet” area in Dawson County until voters in Lamesa approved the sale of beer and wine in 2011.
    A beer store and then a liquor store originally were opened in Los Ybanez but, in 2010, there were three stores in Los Ybanez that sold alcohol and beer, according to the community guide published by the Lamesa Press-Reporter.
    Before the acreage for Los Ybanez was purchased by the Ybanezes, quadraplex farm houses were built on that location during World War II for migrant farm laborers from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mexico and South Texas. The construction of those houses was approved by the Lamesa Farm Workers Community in 1942.
    As more farmers purchased tractors in the 1960's, they used fewer migrant workers and the workers complex was used less and less.
    Eleven of those housing units remain in Los Ybanez today and they hold a fluctuating population as workers move in and out.
    In 1993, the former Lamesa Farm Labor Supply Center was registered with the National Register of Historic Places promoting Hispanic social history and agriculture.


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