Depending on your age, how you fight and treat the flu, strep throat, sinus infection and stomach bug can be a huge difference.
My daughter and future daughter-in-law are both teachers and they are convinced essential oils are the way to fight infection, bad moods and hyperactive children.
Kids acting up everyday in a certain part of the building?  Just spray a lavender, chamomile and vanilla mixture in the air.  It’ll settle those children right down.
Coughs and sniffles?  Use a combination of eucalyptus, lemon and peppermint on the throat and bottoms of feet.
Are you gassy?  Get some cardamom, cilantro, cumin and dill and your digestive problems are cured.
Grapefruit, Hawaiian sandalwood and jasmine will give you healthy and happy skin.
White fir, wintergreen, basil and birch can help your sore muscles and joints.
And all of these oils can be purchased and mixed together as a spray, as a sort of perfume roll-on or burned on a diffuser. 
A lot of teachers have these diffusers in their classrooms since they can’t burn candles.  A diffuser is kind of like a humidifier.
When I was growing up, if the house stunk from salmon patties or cabbage, Mama would put a few clove sprigs into some water and boil it on the stovetop.  It smelled so delicious!  I’ve used it myself many times.
And when us kids had stopped-up noses, a little Vicks or Mentholatum in a pot of boiling water with a towel over our heads usually did the trick.
My oldest sister has a habit of dabbing a small amount of Metholatum on her tongue and swallowing it if her cough is pretty “wet.”  
I believe that slathering a body with Vicks Vapo-Rub on the chest, under the nose and on the feet is the best protection for a cold.  
Don’t forget the white socks, that’s very important.
Sucking up warm salt water is fun to do, because it’s nearly impossible to keep it from getting in your hair.  Oh, I forgot, you can buy those fancy nose “teapots” from which to pour salt water down the nostrils!
My hubby told me that at the barber shop, he learned that a person who eats onion sandwiches once a day every day, can keep all sickness away.
I guess you smell badly enough from all those onions that germs just die.  You might not get sick, but you may be pretty lonely!
I will admit that I do love the smell of lavender.  I have some lavender and sunflower lotion that I keep at work and use.  I have some lavender soap at my desk and regularly rub it on my wrist support on my keyboard.  And I have lavender spray in my bathroom.
I guess another benefit of those essential oils is how soft it keeps your feet and neck.
I know when I rub Vicks on my feet and put on my socks before bedtime, my feet are soft as a baby’s feet.  So that’s an added benefit.
For tummy troubles, my Mama was a firm believer in mineral oil.  I took mineral oil every night of my life until about sixth grade.  I did then and still have oily hair.  But I have a great complexion and have few wrinkles at 53 years old.  I attribute my smooth skin to all that mineral oil Mama poured down me each night.
Hope you all stay well.  It’s hard to do that when it’s 90 degrees in February and two days later we have a 36 degree high!

Regina Crutcher is a reporter for the Lamesa Press-Reporter.