March is known as Mission Month for many religious denominations.
    First Church of the Nazarene is very active with missions that have traveled to Mexico and to many Texas sites.
    During the week of March 24-30, Nazarene Pastor Lee Lennon will take the Work in Worship group to Camp Arrowhead near Glen Rose.
    Those volunteers will work on cabins in Shepherd’s Canyon that are used for retreats, camps and places for Bible study.
    The group will repaint the buildings, replace windows, replace the flooring and bathroom facilities among other repairs.
    “The Lord has really led them to do this,” said Nazarene congregation member Dorothy Haney. “Kids and youth are invited to take part in this.”
    To volunteer, call Lennon at 704-506-8330 or to send a monetary donation, mail to 2227 South 4th Street, Lamesa, TX 79331.