The annual financial audit for Dawson County showed a $22,000 deficit in General Fund revenues actually received for the 2015-2016 fiscal year, when compared to what had been budgeted.
    “To end the year within $22,000 of what was budgeted, during a difficult year, is a win in my opinion,” Melvin Eaker, C.P.A., PC, with Gary, Bowers and Miller of Lubbock, told the Dawson County Commissioners Court on Tuesday afternoon.
    While presenting the audit, Eaker pointed out that a decrease in sales tax receipts was the main reason for that revenue deficit.
    County officials had budgeted $850,000 in sales tax revenue for the 2015-2016 fiscal year, but actually only received $721,741. That was a decrease of $128,259 in that one revenue item for the year.
    With the county voluntarily choosing last year to pay down a balance it owed to the TCDRS (Texas County and District Retirement System), Eaker said county officials had anticipated a deficit budget for the fiscal year.
    That budget had predicted a deficit of just over $1.497 million, Eaker said, but the actual deficit only was a little over $1.056 million to leave the county with a favorable variance of $462,798.
    In spite of less revenue being received than was budgeted, Eaker said county department heads and employees, as well as the county auditor and staff, did a tremendous job of making sure that expenditures stayed well below budget.
    Total county expenditures for the fiscal year were $462,798 less than had been budgeted.
    “The county’s department heads and auditor, as well as the county employees, all do a fantastic job of keeping county expenditures within the budget,” Eaker said.


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